Eternal  Debuting early 2018

Centuries ago, a beautiful princess fell victim to a curse on her wedding day. Her life was taken, yet she was to exist forever. Never aging, confined to her immaculate palace. She witnessed the passing of her loyal husband, her children and the generations that followed. She saw her city conquered, inhabited by invaders and eventually abandoned. The buildings and the grounds have long since fallen into disrepair, but she remains, beautiful as always. We're voyeurs into her world and she knows we're here. The longing in her eyes is occasionally replaced with moments of joy as the story unfolds. 

The image above is a work in progress. There will be 10-15 pieces in the Eternal series. Unlike my previous large scale presentations, I'm seeing this at a much more intimate scale. Ornate and precious.

I've always wanted to photograph the people of amazing India. When I suddenly had the opportunity, I scrambled to make a plan. After a considerable search, I was lucky enough to find a producer willing to take a chance on me. The location I became obsessed with is unlike any I’d ever seen. I’ve still never met anyone, outside of India familiar with it. Ellora Caves as it's called, is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Shooting there went from difficult to nearly impossible. There are many reasons this project should have failed. The story of the struggle and success is a good one, and I'm already proud of the images that will come from it.