Why did we stop smelling the roses? Are there suddenly so many roses that we’ve stopped appreciating them, or did we just stop stopping. This impressionistic photography dramatizes the beauty of nature through the lens of our increasingly short attention spans. Photography is said to capture a moment in time—this work defies that convention. Familiar subjects linger but soften like partially formed memories. Jeff pioneered a printing technique to create tangible relief and a painterly texture, and designed substantial white lacquer frames that help define this series.

Multiple cameras were used including a Canon Ds1, Canon G9 and Sony RX1.

Zoom showed as a series once in Denver, but has generally been regarded as Jeff’s most approachable work. It won a silver medal winner at the Moscow International Foto Awards.

The series is available in two sizes: 56”x40” with frame (46”x31” frameless) and 42”x30” with frame (35”x23” frameless).

 Please contact Jeff for pricing and availability.